Moonpig - Custom Packaging for a Household Brand

Moonpig - Custom Packaging for a Household Brand

The Challenge

Moonpig is a well-established online retailer specialising in highly personalised gifts and priding itself on its strong brand presence.  Over the years, the company has gone from creating unique greetings cards to offering a full range of gift ideas for anyone and everyone, from your girlfriend and your grandma to your best friend's brother.

The company's high-output, fast-paced dispatch and fulfilment centre is crucial in ensuring their customers' satisfaction. Moonpig had a need for packaging that was not only versatile, efficient and protective, but also, quick and easy to use.

Moonpig was looking to not only refine its packaging operations, but also completely rebrand the business - and their packaging (being the first time their customer's physically interact with their brand) was a key component of this campaign.

The Problem

In the past, Moonpig were using bog-standard "t pack" cross over mailers (aka "Maltese Cross Packagaing").  Though it has its place in the packaging world, this kind of mailer offered little protection and required tape, making it incredibly slow and somewhat laborious to pack (comparatively speaking).  Additionally, the mailers themselves took up valuable storage space in the warehouse.

The Solution

Having been their supplier for some time, Lil Packaging was approached in the summer of 2017 to assist Moonpig with the producing custom packaging as a part of their full rebranding exercise.  Working closely with their in-house design team, we advised them on the capability of print options whilst also tailoring a solution which would meet their transit packaging requirements and desire to both maintain and improve their industry-leading fulfilment times.

Moonpig pink letterbox sized packaging manufacturer
Moonpig pink postal wrap packaging manufacturer
moonpig green letterbox packaging manufacturer Lil Packaging

Lil Packaging's custom twin peel and seal C3 bukwrap book mailers met the brief; tweaking the design of the high volume bukwrap line, meant that Lil Packaging was able to increase the efficiency of fulfilment speeds so as to ensure that the packaging worked with Moonpig's existing packing stations.  Not only do they take far less time to pack - under 20 seconds compared to over 50 seconds with the old product - but their versatility means they are able to be used across fifty product SKUs. 

Lil Packaging provided Moonpig with samples of four solid flood print colors so that they were able to select for themselves which color worked best and was in line with their rebrand launch. Using a single color Flexographic print direct to the material, Lil Packaging were able to output at high volume whilst maintaining a low print cost comparable to more expensive Lithographic Lamination.

Packing samples of the C3 bukwrap from Lil Packaging had such a positive impact on their board, that all of our custom printed packaging is now in use across the Moonpig brand, including wine and gift letterbox products.

The Outcome

Lil Packaging have spent many long hours working with us to review and improve our ecommerce packaging range. They have delivered ultra-efficient packaging that has streamlined our busy distribution department and have advised us on ways we can reduce our postal costs, minimise wastage as well as improve our unboxing experience and brand continuity. They've also assigned a dedicated account manager who's knowledge and expertise has become a real asset to our fulfilment team. We cannot recommend Lil Packaging highly enough.

James Fuller - Supply Chain Manager
Packaging Manufacturer Moonpig Lil Packaging

The results of this switch in packaging have become quickly apparent; using the versatile C3 bukwrap, Moonpig has been able to increase its fulfilment speeds and achieve far better efficiency within despatch.  Additionally, the wine letterbox and gift letterbox packaging have created a significantly enhanced unboxing experience for the customer.  Consequently, Moonpig has experienced far fewer returns, this a result of the buffer protection within the bukwrap range and the internal fitment of wine and gift letterboxes.

Moreover, Lil Packaging is pleased to report that Moonpig's customer feedback scores regarding their new style of packaging have significantly improved, leading them to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Working in creative collaboration with Lil Packaging, Moonpig really has achieved their goal of delivering "Presents to Make Them Smile".  We like to think that Moonpig's customers are smiling at the improved packaging as well.

Moonpig has proved that approaching Lil Packaging for a specific solution, to what can seem like only minor packaging issues, has led to a detailed, considered approach which has improved both customer satisfaction and service.

If you're interested in seeing how we've helped other major brands around the world with their packaging needs, you can check out our other case studies right here.

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