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iSP6 Breezebox: With luxury tissue paper and ribbon handle

Luxury e-commerce packaging has arrived in the form of our new iSP6 Breezebox, the ingenious ecom box which features cleverly integrated tissue paper and a ribbon handle. Perfect for designer brands, fashion items and accessories such as clothing and handbags, boutique gifts, perfume and beauty products and electronics/technology. Everything including our magic "Breezepaper" tissue can be custom printed.
  • Breezepaper? Yes, that's our patented system for stylishly locking products in place inside the outer e-commerce box shell.  Whilst securing your product carefully, our Breezepaper provides an unparalleled 'unboxing' experience. No need for void-fill or separate tissue paper. Our Breezepaper has just enough adhesion to securely wrap and protect whatever is inside and safeguards everything in sophisticated style while the low adhesion does not stick to the contents.
  • The quick to assemble pop-up base comes in two security conscious forms: 1) crash lock glued base 2) solid mailbox base 
  • Seriously fast to pack, seriously beautiful. This is our top of the range e-commerce box.
  • Incredibly strong
  • This product uses our market-leading hot melt peel'n'seal adhesive, providing the best, tight seal
  • Easy frustration-free tear-strip opening
  • Reinforced pop up automatic base
  • Brand awareness for your fashion items doesn't get better than this! The iSP6 will provide the best unboxing experience.
  • Available in bespoke sizes and seductive custom designs, manufactured in any color you like, including custom printing of the internal Breezepaper.

Hailed by the trade press as the most gorgeous e-com box in the market for under £1 each! In the recent article 'More for the Money', Armin Angerer suggests that 'Packaging lets you achieve a far more sustainable impact with less expenditure'. 'Without packaging it would be rather difficult to differentiate between products. And that is the real magic behind packaging: it turns a commodity into a brand.'

Beautiful products deserve beautiful packaging.

If you are looking for the best unboxing experience, look no further...the iSP6 Breezebox...Luxury e-commerce packaging at its best!

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