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E-books vs printed books: Why you should always judge a book by its cover

Have you ever considered the reasoning behind why your customer might purchase a printed book or an e-book? Purchasing an e-book over a printed book has many advantages, as discussed in 'Success Consciousness':
  • Speed of delivery (you literally don't need to leave the house)
  • You do not require storage for your growing collection.
  • You can buy them at any time of day
  • No packaging or shipping is required for your e-book! The list goes on
Why is it then, that we still prefer the printed word to the e-book?   As stated in The Guardian, if we live in a world reliant on technology, why do 62% of 16 - 24 year olds prefer reading the printed word to e-books?
  • The Guardian suggests that it might be the price of e-readers, the price of e-books or simply the fact that we feel emotionally connected in some way to the printed book.
  • As discussed in the article 'Why printed books will never die', books have a physical beauty. They look good on our shelves, like a work of art placed on the wall.
  • We like the smell and the feel of turning the pages.
  • They are important to us, and a constant reminder of how we felt when we became immersed in the text.
If your customers are that emotionally connected to their books, it is important in e-commerce to protect them before shipping. Below are some of the reasons why many internet retailers rely on Lil for their book packaging.  The Lil book wrap can add to the quality of your customer's experience and enhance the chance of them placing a repeat order.
  • Your customer's book will fit very snugly inside the book wrap on its journey, due to the variable depth creases. Lil book wraps also come in a variety of sizes to ensure the best possible fit.
  • Lil book wraps provide superior protection against impact in the post, which is down to our buffer edge design and incredibly strong kraft corrugated material.
  • The touch and the smell of the kraft cardboard and the quality feel of the red tear strip on opening, both mirror the natural, quality feel of the pages of the book.
  • Our book wraps are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.
We want your customer's book to arrive in perfect condition. From the time that they click the checkout button, that book is a little part of their life for approximately 500 pages of time, and then forever on their shelf. Don't disappoint your reader.

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