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What makes packaging key to your marketing strategy?

A successful online business doesn't happen overnight no matter how fantastic your product is. Whether you're a global fashion brand or an up-and-coming craft entrepreneur, online sellers all have the same challenge: getting your products in front of potential customers, and convincing them to click that buy button.   For this, having a marketing strategy can really help. To build a strategy, it's easy to focus solely on the headline jobs (e.g. building a website and social profiles, signing up to a selling platform and maybe even investing in some paid advertising). And as important as those jobs are, it's also important not to overlook the potential of your product packaging. Here, we'll show you how the right packaging can get you noticed, reinforce your marketing message, and boost your sales along the way.

Making your brand stand out

Being discovered takes time, and there aren't any shortcuts. This is especially because there are so many buying options out there. Don't be discouraged though, as your marketing strategy is there to demonstrate that your product is the best choice, and make purchasing it irresistible to your customer. The way you present your product can make a big difference, and high quality imagery goes a long way on your website or seller platform. Here's how including a photograph of your product with its packaging can give your brand a competitive edge.

  • Attractive packaging improves individual images: positioning the packaging alongside your product can help to frame your shot, instantly giving you an eye-catching image.
  • Set out your stall as a safe pair of hands: for clothing, if you use pop-up shipping boxes, consider including at least one image of your item placed within the box. With books, vinyl records or toys for instance, showcasing that all items are dispatched in size-appropriate cardboard wrapping is an appealing prospect to waste-conscious shoppers. It also shows you take extra care and use the best type of packaging to fit each product.

Building trust: boosting your review score

Virtually all online shoppers rely on reviews to help their buying decisions. This is why, as part of your marketing strategy, it's a good idea to keep an eye on your online reputation. Reviews are key as they don't just rate the product, but the whole buying experience. For instance, did it arrive on time and undamaged? If they needed to make an exchange, did the company make it easy? Flimsy packaging, oversized boxes, and mountains of plastic filler could mark the difference between a low rating, and the five-star rating that you're striving for. Encouraging great reviews (and more interest from potential buyers) is the goal, and when it comes to packaging, here are key questions to ask yourself:

  • Is it strong enough to ensure your items reach their destination undamaged?
  • If returns are common (e.g. clothing), is it easily resealable?
  • Is it easy to handle e.g. with no overly-complicated fastenings?
  • Will it fit through a letterbox to ensure successful delivery?
  • Is it easy to dispose of? Are the materials 100% recyclable or biodegradable?
Turning one-time purchasers into loyal customers Successful marketing can't just look at attracting new customers. A strong focus on building lasting relationships with loyal customers is also important. If you can turn a customer into a loyal fan of your brand, your name is more likely to be praised on social media. This is because the goal for new businesses is word-of-mouth advertising: by spreading the word for you, your customers become your "brand advocates,"which is the easiest and most honest marketing your brand can get. The right packaging choices can help cement this relationship. Here's how:
  • The unboxing process needs to be amazing: unboxing is the moment of truth. When your product is finally revealed to your customer, the standout design and quality builds anticipation and shareability. The customer is more likely to leave positive feedback, repeat purchase, and share on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Deliver added value: are your shirt boxes 'wardrobe friendly'? Does your gadget box safely protect all its fragile parts? Quality packaging can be used after the unboxing as storage, and provides an ongoing reminder of why they were attracted to your brand in the first place.
Bespoke packaging: your secret marketing weapon A brand's message becomes stronger when it's reflected in the packaging they use. All businesses can benefit from branded packaging; boxes carefully tailored to reflect product characteristics, customer expectations, and your budget. If you're interested in finding out about the options available to make the most out of your postal and ecommerce packaging, head over to our bespoke packaging service.


CREDIT: Photo by from Pexels

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