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Sony and the Lil Envelope - Case Study

The Challenge

Sony started a project to begin sending out CD's and DVD's directly to consumers via an ecommerce channel. Sony had for a long time been using corrugated cardboard 'wrap sheeting' with sealing tape to send out products in other areas of its business, so there was a perfectly natural assumption to use the same practices and technology with this project as well. However, upon investigating CD and DVD mailing further, Sony found that their existing practices and packaging would not be up to the job of safely mailing CD's and DVD's.  Furthermore, the team at Sony also found that they could potentially put in place a different solution to cut costs and improve efficiency... but which solution should they use?

The Problem

Sony had some very specific concerns they needed to deal with:

  • Old technology meant that Sony were potentially going to be using packaging that was not fit for purpose when mailing CD's and DVD's. They needed an up to date method of mailing.
  • Cardboard wrapped CD's and DVD's were often such a big parcel that they would move into the larger postal tariffs. Sony needed a way of minimising their postal expenditure.
  • Looking at other ecommerce CD and DVD mailing organisations, Sony noted big problems with damage returns. They felt that for a brand of their renown, this would be an unacceptable problem.

The Solution

At Lil Packaging, we have many many years of helping customers to mail flat items, so we knew exactly what to suggest:

  • Instead of using corrugated cardboard to wrap and mail products, we suggested that Sony use some products from our cardboard envelope range - specially made for the job of sending CD's and DVD's through the mail safely, and cost-effectively. Featuring long-edge opening for easy packing, stiff recycled card, buffer edges, and our great hot melt peel'n'seal and red tear strip combo, these envelopes are simply the most cost-effective option available on the market today. Sony immediately saw the benefit of using 'designed for purpose' packaging against a generic approach.
  • The A1 and A2 envelopes that we presented to Sony were responsible for savings of millions with other internet retailers for many reasons, including the simple fact that both sizes keep within the postal tariff used in the 'large letter' tier favoured by many postal services around the world. This meant that Sony could also benefit from restraining their postal costs by using our envelopes.
  • The Lil Packaging envelope range is noted for being incredibly successful at helping CD's and DVD's get through the mail unscathed. Sony noted the success of our envelop range in this area, and knew that they could avoid the pitfalls of high return rates through damage in the mail.
  • Sony also benefitted from our ability to stock-hold for them using our large warehouse based in Cambridgeshire. They could simply call off stock before 3pm in the working week, and know that the stock consignment would be with them the next day. Sony therefore didn't have to worry about filling valuable warehouse space with non-profit making packaging pallets.

The Outcome

Sony used our envelopes to save significant time packing, successfully launch a new ecommerce operation, restrain postal costs, and support the excellent 'premium' brand status that they have built over the years. It might not seem like rocket science - but by carefully checking out the current 'best practice in packaging', Sony saved themselves many headaches!

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