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With the thousands of packaging solutions we provide, you’re never stuck for options at Lil Packaging. To help you find out what you need, how best to use it, or if you’re thinking of shipping to a different country, we’ve developed a collection of business-led articles designed to keep you in the know.

In our blog, you’ll find everything you need to know, and more, about branding, e-commerce, and packaging for your business. Yes, that’s right, packaging can help grow your business. Don’t believe us? Check out the content on the links below.

Packaging Knowledgebase

From unboxing experiences, to selecting the right packaging for the job - your packaging 101 guide is right here.

Case Studies

Write ups and feedback from businesses we've worked with over the past decade. Learn how packaging can be key to eCommerce success.


Your guide to growing business online, from 7 steps to digital marketing, through to winning customer reviews and more.

Shipping Guide

Your guide to internation shipping, how to save money on shipping tariffs, and scale up logistics with efficient packaging.

Lil News

Everything Lil Packaging business related, upcoming events and the latest company news.