Lil Breezebox

Need retention packaging? Our British ingenuity, an unparalleled ‘unboxing’ experience and maximum security are three things we’ve combined to bring you our patented Breezebox, our all-new retention packaging. Featuring low-tack ‘breeze-paper’ that wraps your product safely inside an FSC™ certified, high-quality e-commerce mailbox. Recommended for:

  • High Value Products
  • Products Requiring Retention Packaging
  • High-Fashion Products

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  • isk0 beautiful packaging for cosmetic delivery

    iSK0 Breezebox

    159 x 108 x 64 mm
    From $81.77 Each

    Single unit price from £0.39 Are you looking for postal packagingfor mailingjewellery, makeup, nails or hair accessories? The iSK0 is our smallest...

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  • iSK1 Breezebox
    Sold out

    iSK1 Breezebox

    220 x 130 x 95 mm
    From $223.74 Each

    Looking for cosmetics packaging boxes? Cosmetics cardboard boxes don't get better than this! The iSK1 is one of our smaller 'Breezebox' format ec...

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  • iSP343 Breezebox
    Sold out

    iSP343 Breezebox

    343 x 270 x 70 mm
    From $293.04 Each

    Looking for Luxury designer packaging boxes? Beautiful products deserve beautiful packaging... the iSP343 Breezebox is the most affordable luxury‚...

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