Packaging Tips - Sustainable ways to create the perfect unboxing experience

Eco Packaging Hacks - Sustainable ways to create the perfect unboxing experience

As a customer, nothing beats unboxing a new product. In fact, unwrapping new deliveries is so exciting for the customer that it's become a YouTube sensation. In 2011, for instance, the channel DisneyCollectorBR began unboxing children's toys on YouTube and quickly became an internet phenomenon. It now ranks in the top 10 most viewed channels on YouTube with almost 15 billion video views.

Presenting a package well can create a memorable customer experience. But it's not just down to how the package looks. More and more, customers are becoming increasingly interested in the materials that companies use and they want them to be sustainable.

But what options are out there, and how can ecommerce sellers hit a good medium between a great unboxing experience and sustainable packaging? Here we'll take a look at how you can create a great unboxing experience without harming the environment.

Sustainability that's good for everyone

As shopping shifts from the high street to online, memorable unboxing experiences start with presenting products in a pleasing way. Why? Because it's your customer's first impression of your product and your brand.

This doesn't end with how your packaging looks, though. Your environmental impact has become crucial when choosing packaging, as buyers care more and more about plastic pollution. Being sustainable will not only do your bit for the environment, but it can simultaneously improve your brand's image for eco-conscious customers.

Here's a rundown of some eco-friendly and practical options to help boost your packaging:

Biodegradable packaging fillers

Not only providing some great protection for your product, this option can also make your customers' unboxing experience even more fun. Biodegradable tissue paper, for example, can provide an extra layer of protection, is available in many colors, and is an easily recyclable product compared to non-recyclable packing peanuts. It can also give your product a more premium feel if you match the color to your brand color.

Choose the right box

Another eco-friendly way to use less packaging is choosing the right size box. This ensures your business isn't wasting excess box space, or using an unnecessary amount of packaging fillers to fill the dead space. What's more, it not only looks sleeker than receiving a small product in an enormous box, but it also makes it easy for customers to recognise the product they've ordered before they open it.


Corn-starch is another star to look for in the eco-friendly packaging game, and though it's designed mainly for food packaging, it can be used elsewhere. What's better, corn-starch items are fully biodegradable so there's little to no environmental impact.

Cardboard and paper

These are two staples in the packaging world and they are a lightweight, durable, and fully biodegradable solution. And when you compare them to their plastic alternatives which only biodegrade in certain conditions they provide a far better alternative.

Kraft paper

This is another great option if you're sending off smaller products, like fashion accessories or clothing. The material is made from chemical pulp produced in the kraft process, and it's 100% biodegradable, highly durable, and can often withstand a range of weather.

Our new Lil Bag has been specifically designed with ecommerce and sustainability in mind. Available in a range of sizes, it's a great option for eco-conscious brands that want to reduce their plastic usage.

FSC® certified

When picking your packaging, one thing you'll need to make sure you look for is an FSC® certification. This ensures that the packaging is sourced from responsibly managed backgrounds, both environmentally and socially. It's essentially the gold standard of environmental products so it's essential your packaging has it.

Solutions tailored to you

At Lil Packaging, we've made a commitment to sustainability. This is why we've produced a new range of eco-friendly products that can give keep your products safe, keep your environmental impact low and give your unboxing experience the wow-factor.

Offering FSC® and PEFC compliant packaging, Lil Packaging has all the sustainable packaging solutions you need. And on top of this, we offer a customisable bespoke packaging service which can help give your packaging a personal touch. If you're interested in finding out more about any of this, contact us today.

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